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Leap of Faith:  A Year of Daily Gratitude Paintings

Leap of Faith is a project in which artist Diana Lyn Coté committed to create one painting per day for the entire leap year of 2012 as a daily offering and expression of gratitude. She was initially inspired by the Look for the Good Project and its founder, Anne Kubitsky. At first, Diana wondered if she would run out of ideas and subject matter as the months drew on. However, in the same way that gratitude grows with cultivation, she found that her inspiration began to overflow. Her life’s work as an artist has focused on the momentary change of light, and she was able to translate her observations into expressions of gratitude for the extraordinary moments that occur throughout each ordinary day. Diana began to post her paintings with captions online every day and many people began to encourage and support the project. Once the paintings were completed, the series of 366 paintings was shown in entirety on tour alongside art from the Look for the Good Project. Diana is grateful for the viewers, supporters, and collectors of the paintings. Like ripples spreading on water or winds stirred by the wings of butterflies, Diana hopes that these paintings will continue to inspire people with gratitude for the singular moments of their own lives.

Diana's 366 postcard-sized gratitude paintings have now been collected in a coffee table book.

LOF Cover.jpg
LOF Covers.jpg
August Intro.jpg
July Spread.jpg
April Intro.jpg

The book can be purchased at

Diana's upcoming Open Studio for $80 (including tax) and can also be shipped directly to you.  To reserve or order a copy, please email diana.

Hardcover, 404 pages, 390 color images

Click to See Each Month

The 366 postcard-sized paintings at the Sangha House at Zen Mountain Monastery.

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