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All About Diana, the Inner 3-Year Old, and the Coté Squiggle


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Using an oil paint medium very much like oversized crayons called Paintstiks®, Diana has perfected an unique application known as the ”Côté Squiggle.” She paints by calling upon her "inner three-year-old" and “scribbles” layer upon layer of erratic lines of color on the canvas. This eventually leads to a visual weaving of these individual lines into a textural tapestry that is both subtle and richly elegant. This is especially evident on larger canvases where the application holds equal importance to the study of light.


Understanding the colors that make up the subtle or dramatic effects of light, and applying them in her unique way, is the focus of her journey as an artist. Each minute of the day may change the quality of light on a subject or scene. Capturing these moments is what brings her compositions to life, making them believable or even fantastically real. When looking at every work of art Diana creates, you may think that you can step right into the image, or perhaps, you already have.Diana has been showing her work for nearly three decades with a diverse following of both corporate and private collectors.

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